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Lotus Veda International Teacher Training Program

Lotus Veda International Teacher Training (LVITT)course is open for fresh and experienced professional nursery teachers to learn about the methodologies required for producing an effective results. This course will help you not only to learn various techniques of early childhood teaching but also to know the basics about classroom management and lesson planning.  It equips teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school, and wider community.

LVITT offers an International Diploma in Montessori Methods of Education, in association with MMI London. MMI is a leading education institution in Singapore, the Asia Pacific and India region. It offers a Nursery Teacher Training course to provide the knowledge, experience and practical training required in preschool education. This diploma is accepted worldwide and gives teachers an opportunity to build their career anywhere in the world.
   The International Diploma in Montessori Methods of Education includes the following course modules:
Child Psychology
Personality Development
Spoken English
Writing Skills
Chalkboard Writing
Smart Board Usage
Speech and Drama (Theater)
Music and Dance
IT (Computers)
Importance of the course
The Nursery Teacher Training Course provides a platform foraspiring as well as professional nursery teachers tofacilitate child centric learning through storytelling,rhyming games and play. The course helps the nurseryteachers to learn the methods of planned teaching through play and experiments. Ifone loves to help young childrenand give them a great start inlife then with proper teachertraining one can pursue a careeras a nursery teacher. A nursery teacherneeds to be creative and flexible with a focus on optimumchild development. The course will be extremely beneficialfor all teachers eyeing a career in this emerging area ofeducation, as a nursery teaching professional. 

Brief of the Course Modules

Child Psychology

The concept of education, in modern times, has changed altogether and so has the role of a teacher. Today the teacher has to be a friendly guide, a facilitator, a psychologist, and a nurturer simultaneously. The curriculum is no longer meant to be memorized, but it requires students to reflect deeply and is activity-based. Our curriculum has been methodically planned as per the need of the present day teaching profession. It has incorporated the latest methods and trends of teaching which enable us to meet the demands of the school and the students. The curriculum is designed focusing on the overall development of the children by catering to their physical, emotional, intellectual, social, aesthetic and spiritual development. The teacher is well-equipped with all the required skills to do justice to the children.


Personality Development
Personality Development is a tool through which you bring out your capabilities and your strengths,
making yourself aware of your inner self and becoming more confident to face the outside world. As far as students are concerned,
an effective personality development program can help the students to face and meet the challenges of the outside world more efficiently,
at the same time making it easierfor them to climb up the complicated corporate ladder more smoothly.

Spoken English
To become a fluent English speaker, you must master the skills in reading, listening, and speaking. In LVITT, the lessons are structured
to give you practice in all three areas at the same time.
Writing Skills
Writing is a form of communication that allows students to put their feelings and ideas on paper,
to organize their knowledge and beliefs into convincing arguments, and to convey meaning through
well-constructed text.

Chalkboard Writing

Using the Green Board (Chalkboard) or Interactive Board is a must for teaching in schools and colleges. Though the use of technology has gone up with high visual interactive boards taking the place of chalkboards, teaching with chalk board is still irreplaceable.The chalk board has many advantages both forthe teacher and also the students. Using the board makes thesubject more narrative, easy to teach for the tutor and also helps the student understand the concepts better.

Smart Board Training 
SMART Boards put simply, are a sophisticated replacement ofthe traditional overhead projector. The interactive board turns a typical classroom into a fun learning environment.
Itenriches classrooms in several ways by providing hands oncollaboration and creating the perfect learning setting.

Speech and Drama (Theatre)
Speech and Drama is an effective way of building a variety of communication skills in an empowering and engaging way.
It provides opportunities to develop a range of skills and understanding that will enable children to be successful in the future.

Speech and Drama classes are made up of a range of drama and voice-related activities designed to improve self-confidence, communication skills and presentation skills.
Speech and Drama classes incorporate poetry and prose to engage and inspire students and to foster a love of reading and literature.

Music and Dance
Music and Dance discipline human life through rhythm. They are not dependent on any language but are inter-dependant since our first response to music is through the movement of the body. Through dance we can express our ideas, emotions and inner beliefs. Music and dance are stress busters and help us retain difficult concepts and ideas in a relaxed manner. Teachers need to use them in their lessons to make learning fun and exciting.

IT (Computers) 
In this age of Information Technology the effective use of computers as a tool is mandatory. Knowledge of Window applications is essential to effectively conduct lessons.
MS Word, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Paint and other applications are used to communicate the concepts taught in class in a manner that students comprehend and remember. 

Our Affiliations
Modern Montessori International, London
which provides the most comprehensive course in the Montessori Teaching method. It has been established to meet the growing demands of trained teachers in our country and abroad. It provides the knowledge and practical experience required in Preschool education for teaching students from 18 months to 6 years.

To lend our courses the credibility of a Diploma Program, LOTUS VEDA has a tie-up with PICKLES ANIMATION. We are jointly ona common mission of promoting LVNTT (Lotus Veda NurseryTeacher Training) and LVITT (Lotus Veda International TeacherTraining).

KRIMS Auditorium is the largest venue in New Delhi. It features modern walls, several stage configurations, including a fashion runway set up, and flexible seating. It contains Multi-image projection, the main screen with a projection image of the surrounding sound system, theatrical lighting, video conferencing, and podium. It has a seated capacity of 150 people.

i-touch Technology
has partnered exclusively with LOTUS VEDA to use its Technology in the Training Modules. With the i-touch technology interactive TOUCH SCREEN, TOUCH BOARD, the knowledge sharing program will help to deliver our courses better and our students will be the first to get exposure on the state-of-art products to keep them in tune with the latest technology in the industry.

Job Opportunities
After training, the teacher can teach children in the agegroup of 1-6 yrs as nursery teachers. After a few years of experience, the nursery teachers can work as early yearcoordinators or as deputy heads in a primary school. They can also apply forthe post of nursery school in-chargeswho are responsible to run the day today operations of childcare settings.The course could be immensely helpfulfor early childhood curriculumdevelopers, consultants associated withnursery schools and even for thoseplanning to open a pre-school.
Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) opens doors to numerous jobs as the course aims to equip the trainees with the approaches of pre primary teachers training which will strengthen the employment opportunity.

Note: For further information, go through the MMI, London brochure which is uploaded on this website.

aIn case of any query, please contact:

Program Coordinator: Ms. Reena Pandey
Mobile (WhatsApp & Call):  9643056418