Senior Advisor

Uma Balan - (Senior Advisor)

Having worked in an international school and an organization doing projects and trainings in different areas of education, has empowered me with the experience of interacting with and training different stakeholders of both Government and Private schools, Pan India. Partnering with reputed organizations like Google and CBSE, has given me exposure to view the development of educational institutions with an experienced vision. Lotus Veda International School provides a collaborative approach where the school, parents, and teachers collaborate to ensure a good journey of the student in school. Students are encouraged to become happy individuals who are empowered to tap their inner potential. This empowerment begins with the teachers who in turn spur this in the students under their care. Learning takes place through a curriculum which focuses on experiential learning and is designed by professionals. Sports are a favorite of the students who are well trained in skating, swimming, gymnastics, and others. The school is looking towards the overall development of the students so that they are capable of taking the global challenges in whatever field they opt for. With their feet firmly placed on the ground, the students are equipped with wings to fly in the sky of knowledge and free expression. Lotus Veda International School is strongly inculcating a culture of English communication. Effective implementation of the Xseed curriculum is being ensured through regular classroom observations. Teachers are being empowered through regular training. Parents, teachers and students are working towards an understanding of Education as a means and not an end. Lotus Veda International School will surely go a long way to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of parents and students.