Our Methodology


In the process of imparting knowledge to the students, it is the intention of Lotus Veda to fully adhere to the structure provide by the national curriculum framework (NCF) of the country. In addition to what it suggests, the school is also working continuously and consistently towards raising the standard of the teaching learning process.  The school follows an experiential method to enhance the quality of learning among the students. We at Lotus Veda, completely discard the practice of copying answers from the board. Hence, we start working on English from an early age. The students frame and write their own answers in their note books/ work books and in the worksheets. As a result, the
students of this school never face the challenge of cramming information.

The curriculum is divided in three different year group programs i.e. Early primary year group program; Primary year group program; Middle year group program –
Regardless of the year of a student, every faculty in the school follows the student centric approach. Homework: Parents also need to ensure that every learner attempts the work independently.

 Assessment is an ongoing process and it should be used to identify the struggling areas of a learner to help him in progressing further.