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Mr. V.K Chadda - (Dir.)
Mrs. Shikha Sawheny - (Dir.)
Mrs. Tanu Ganda - (Dir.)
Mr. Ajay Vasudeva - (Dir.)
Mr. Amit Chadda - (Dir.)

- Mr. V.K Chadda - (Director)

we are gently sensitizing the parents with the needs in education of 21st century while nurturing the inherent potential of every child. The philosophy, ‘Be the change’is drawn from Mahatma Gandhi’s famous words - “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Our guiding mentor and founding Director - Mr. V.K Chadda believes in providing a platform of holistic development. The school believes that each child is a natural learner. The role of the school is to provide an environment of learning; where teachers are only facilitators, where the knowledge is derived from child’s own experiences and the natural instincts.
In retrospect, the school places the firm faith in believing that every child should not only be treated equally, they should also be levied with a responsibility of contributing towards the environment and world peace.”

- Ms.Shikha Sawhney - (Director)

We believe that life in itself is a school… .Here at Lotus Veda we want to lay the foundation for Lifetime learning and give every student a platform to live life with true wisdom and maturity. Education up to now has been goal oriented: what you are learning is not important; what is important is the examination that will come a year later. We strongly believe that any kind of competition is unhealthy deep down and creates humanoids but not human beings. So here at Lotus Veda, students get every opportunity to express themselves psychologically, emotionally and academically. Lotus Veda aims at creating independent beings who work hand in hand with each other and understand from the core of their heart that only interdependence can lead to an independent Life. This is achieved when the aim of education is not only to know but also to share what you know. Knowledge is, however a borrowed information and hence does not lead to transformational growth. So Lotus Veda focuses more on the process of “knowing” through “their” scales of imagination and creativity. This way they expand their pool of learning till infinity.

- Ms.Tanu Vasudeva Ganda - (Director)

Another feather in the hat is the extremely talented ABACUS guru, Ms. Tanu Vasudeva Ganda, who is not only a director at Lotus Veda, but an educationalist with a vision to empower budding mathematicians with the learning tool of ABACUS that comes handy at successfully solving problems faster and more accurately. She adds: ''One can do calculations much faster with ABACUS than done by using the conventional method that is taught in schools. It teaches the students to solve same problem in different ways. Now, the question is if India has such a wonderful and useful way of calculating mathematical problems then why it is not taught in all the school, right from the beginning. Why we rely just on Western education pattern and learning through logical reasoning instead of mentally solving them? People must be encouraged to learn Vedic mathematics and it must be part of our curriculam.  And that is exactly what we are doing here at Lotus Veda.

- Mr.Ajay Vasudeva - (Director)

Lotus Veda has eminent facilitators who have worked closely with students for over a decade and realize the importance of bringing in new things and methods to revolutionize the learning process. Mr. Ajay Vasudeva is one such gem with the group. As one of the directors with the organization, he holds hand closely with sheer brilliance of being a successful preceptor of Vedic Math. He mentions, "Mathematics is one such division that involves thinking and mind is used at its best. In India most of the students studying the conventional mathematics can solve problems that are taught to them at school, but they are unable to solve the problems that are new and not taught to them. Reason for this is – lack of basic concept clarity. Hence, instead of conventional way such a method should be accepted that provides basic clarity so that overall learning can be improved. Vedic math is very effective and at the same time it is easy to learn.

- Mr.Amit Chadda - (Director)

Preserving health with Sports:
The newly designed curriculum for Sports shall commence forth from the upcoming session under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Amit Chadda, director at Lotus Veda who himself has played from the elite college KMC, Delhi University. Lotus Veda ensures that children aren't deprived of any playground arena. He adds several laurels and awards to his kitty with high spirits of being a sportsman himself. He is a mentor and a friend to the students already and a disciplined coach on the field. He is sure to lead sports enthusiasts with much zeal and determination. He adds that every grade will include curriculum specially designed as age-appropriate with equal quotient of fun and frolic.