Mr. V.K Chadda - (Chairman)

The belief in Lotus Veda Group of Schools is that every child is unique. Elementary school is an important period that can determine a child’s future success. It is a time when the child’s character is fostered with care. In this age of unrest and turmoil, cultivating a strong, unbeatable spirit is the key to becoming happy. Genuine victors are those who have a powerful, invincible spirit and are self-motivated and independent. It is important to encourage children as bright and talented individuals, to be honest, open and expressive. We can then foster leaders who are confident amongst the common people. The school believes that each child is a natural learner. The role of the school is to provide an environment of learning; where teachers are facilitators, where the knowledge is derived from the child’s own experiences and natural instincts. The emphasis in Lotus Veda is on scaling up the communication skills of the children, giving them a global outlook and encouraging them to think globally and act locally. The most important quality of educators is to genuinely love children. Through education, children should understand the process of how to do things rather than seek quick results. Hence the focus is on experiential learning. Teachers need to take responsibility and have the determination and self-awareness to do something constructive and creative. I have worked as an Engineer for several years. My hobby of contributing towards the education of children developed into a passion. This passion has made me strive to provide humanistic education to children through different branches of Lotus Veda Schools. For education to become deep rooted we have to reach out to even those children who are struggling the most. In Lotus Veda, we ensure that no child is left behind, irrespective of his/ her social status. With parents as our Partners, we at Lotus Veda are growing into a citadel of hope, compassion, wisdom and knowledge.